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November 1, 2015
Dear Providers,As the first month of ICD-10 use has gone into effect, we see that the insurance industry is not fully ready to accept and process claims for both ICD-9 and ICD-10 depending on the date of service of the claims. Unfortunately, we have to report that several insurances have had technic...
October 27, 2015
The broken healthcare system has been greatly affecting providers and patients. Factors such as increasing regulations, ever-changing technological advances and demands, as well as many other burdens, are the reasons that what is most important, patient’s care, keeps getting lost in the shuffle.Prov...
October 22, 2015
In the past 14 years, the WCH credentialing team has grown to be an experienced and professional team that serves healthcare professionals nationwide. We have always been on top of all the challenges that it has faced such as constant new government regulations and insurance changes. We have many ye...
October 21, 2015
INTERVIEW WITH SUSANNA BEKIROVA ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE  What is your position at WCH? Explain what you do. I am an account representative for several WCH clients. I help medical providers do their job. I collect all the information necessary to prepare insurance claims and bill the patients. I enter...
October 18, 2015
Following our onsite review of your revenue cycle, we will determine where your practice is losing money. WCH Service Bureau’s experienced coding, billing and collections experts will guide you in improving your cash flow as well as your practice’s revenue by maximizing reimbursements.Upon identifyi...
October 14, 2015
Many of our WCH clients have asked if no fault insurances will continue accepting ICD-9 codes, or they will also switch to ICD-10. To answer the question, we have contacted many insurances  and they have all confirmed that they are accepting ICD-10 format. The list of insurances are State Farm, Amer...
October 14, 2015
Well, Medicare - NGS that provides coverage for State of New York, currently is reviewing claims for specific billed services. A more detailed summery of their target is located by the following this link: linkHere is the extract of the most recent :1. Providers in Downstate and Queens, NYPREPAYMENT...
October 13, 2015
AN INTERVIEW WITH INNA KHANNOVAWhat is your position at WCH? Explain what you do? I hold a position of an account representative at WCH Service Bureau . One of my responsibilities is to submit medical claims to insurance carriers.  This process is called billing, and its is very important to apply a...
October 12, 2015
ICD-10 is finally here. Over the last year, the WCH team has done tedious work to prepare for the transition to ICD-10. The preparation and testing took place externally as well as internally at WCH. Internally, we held several training modules concentrating on the ICD-10 structure. We reviewed insu...
October 8, 2015
WCH participated at the First Annual Russian American Summit. We had the opportunity to network with local business owners, and share our expertise on current healthcare challenges that physicians face.

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