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April 7, 2015
WCH can help you to get your Medicaid EHR incentive payments for the available years shown below. 2016 is the last year to obtain and attest for using EHR program. We are also working with our clients to help them achieve meaningful use requirements and receive ­eligible incentives from payers. As w...
April 7, 2015
What do you do at WCH?As an account representative in WCH, I help providers solve problems with insurance companies, handle routine collection work, oversee that payments are received without delays and conduct administrative tasks. Through my work, I give  doctors time back so that they can spent t...
April 7, 2015
Before responding to insurance audit, contact WCH audit specialist!Ask any expert and they will tell you that accurate coding is the secret to full and timely reimbursements from your medical claims. In fact, the most frequent errors in claim processing can be attributed to improper coding and/or a ...
February 27, 2015
Urgent Care the business model of today!Driven by patient demand, Urgent care seeks to provide a convenient, accessible and affordable yet very high quality service patient care. As the United States suffers from a primary care physician shortage that cannot meet the demand for healthcare, Urgent Ca...
February 27, 2015
Using a certified EHR technology is clearly becoming an obligation as government efforts to enforce compliance toughen. So far, the Government’s efforts to enforce the adoption of certified EHR technology in every practice has been driven by the Meaningful Use mandated in law to receive government i...
December 31, 2014
Recap of ­presentation day!Successful ­program ­MUST HAVE 1. Services that are consistent with the needs of the participants and community Socialization – ACTIVITIES!!  Personal care Nutrition Transportation Optional services: enhancement of daily living skills, use of supplies, famil...
December 31, 2014
You are safe with WCH!  WCH ­Certified ­UNDER THE ­MANDATORY ­COMPLIANCE LAW  WCH is in compliance with the NYS law. WCH has submitted a certification for the Mandatory Compliance Law for Medicaid providers. Here is what you need to know about WCH compliance program.   The Mandatory Compliance Law w...
December 31, 2014
WCH is ­investing in the success of our staff and clients!We have another Certified Professional Biller on Staff, Congratulations Tatyana Kantor on your new certification!Tatyana inspired and motived by her supervisor Zukhra Kasimova, CPC, CPB accepted a chal- lenge to become next Certified Professi...
December 31, 2014
 WCH has a great strategy and tremendous experi- ence for processing and collection of medical claims and plays a crucial role in its client’s reimbursement process! So, Do Not let your new EHR vendor dictate the work flow of your trusted billers. Whether or not you are using WCH EHR along with our ...
December 23, 2014

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Single Screen EHR Template for Multiple Specialties: WCH iSmart Does it All!   WCH made a multi-s...

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Prolonged Services Without Face-to-Face Contact Now Separately Payable   Beginning January 1, 2017...

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