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background screening

Search the criminal records personally, thus ensuring accuracy and timeliness. it is this extensive network that enables us to satisfy the needs of national corporations that have multiple sites for c...

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real time eligibility

Searching on their web portals for patient eligibility information.from our years of experience in the healthcare industry, we know the importance of patient eligibility. it helps prevent denied claim...

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wch service bureau will help you to increase your revenue 40% in the next year.

Search has revealed the close association between untreated oral complications and many systemic disorders. the detrimental effect on the entire body is based on the spread of infection from the oral ...

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the marshak method: merging traditional 12-step and holistic methods

Searching for relief and seeking drugs to alleviate the emotional pain. the results of the confidential genetic testing provide information about whether each individual client carries gene variants t...

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a closer look at ismart ehr.

Search all importannt patient information such as: medications.,·         laboratory...

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october is breast cancer awareness month

Search, prevention diagnosis, treatment and cure of breast cancer. since 2009, wch team has been an active contributor to the susan g. komen foundation for a cause we believe is extraordinary. it is i...

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wch efforts in preparing and implementing th icd-10

Search consultants alan newman reSearch on the icd-10. olga khabinskay provided on in-depth look of how wch is internally and externally preparing for the migration process to icd-10. during these com...

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olga khabinskay | people on the move


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icd 10-wch interviewed by cms reSearch team

Search consultants alan newman reSearch on the icd-10. it was a great honor and privilege to be one of the chosen vendors for this interview. olga khabinskay provided on in-depth look of how wch is in...

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wch is glad to introduce you our new service “physician marketing”

Search engines; facebook, twitter, youtube -company profile setup, incl. site integration and blog posts; professional website design or re-design(domain registration, 100% custom designs, seo friendl...

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     Replace the G codes you’ve been using to bill for smoking cessation counseling of patients who ...

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Important Info

Medicare covers an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) providing Personalized Prevention Plan Services (PPPS...

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Summer 2016 Bulletin

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