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costs and limitations

EHR is 2014 edition compliant and has been certified by an onc-acb in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the secretary of health and human services. this certification do...

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EHR comparison chart

EHR EHR comparison chart ...

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EHR from wch pmbos which is designed to save time, money and labor. the e-superbill is a free feature, part of pmbos that replaces the bulky forms used for the old paper superbill and replaced it with...

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EHR systems are well aware that inputting diagnostic and procedure codes as well as treatment notes “the new way” is taking more time than “the old way”.are you a provider that is spending more time e...

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must read: why i hate my EHR

EHR. i appreciate the ability to read office notes that would otherwise be ... read more...

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EHR redesign starts december 15

EHR begins on december 15. please be advised that as of tomorrow, the internal interface of our EHR will be changed to a new design. the new interface is composed of a more easy to use chart record la...

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EHR experience just got a lot easier with this new redesign. we are excited to announce to our clients that after six months of hard work, we have completed our interface redesign of ismart EHR. the r...

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wch alliance

EHR and practice managementwch alliance will be an accountable care organization (aco). simply put, we are a collaboration of independent primary and specialty care physicians in the wch network. wch ...

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icd-10 the right way

EHR ismart. externally, wch completed testing as a vendor with insurances such as medicare, medicaid, blue cross, value options, and others that were open to testing. moreover, we tested with associat...

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ismart EHR

EHR. by november, we are expecting to finish the following:  

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ismart EHR clinical quality measures (cqm)

EHR vendor data, there are far fewer EHR systems that are stage 2 certified than EHR systems that are stage 1 certified. generally EHR vendors are faced with difficulties developing features to satisf...

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are you missing $63,750 out of your pocket?

EHR incentive payments for the available years shown below. 2016 is the last year to obtain and attest for using EHR program. we are also working with our clients to help them achieve meaningful use r...

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using an EHR is no longer a choice, it is an obligation!

EHR technology is clearly becoming an obligation as government efforts to enforce compliance toughen. so far, the government’s efforts to enforce the adoption of certified EHR technology in every prac...

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avoid conflicts between your trusted billing company and your new EHR vendor

EHR vendor dictate the work flow of your trusted billers. whether or not you are using wch EHR along with our billing service, this software is just an essential tool to have for every practice, small...

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wch EHR offers anytime, anywhere access

EHR. wch ismart electronic health record allows providers to have access anytime and anywhere to their clinical and financial data. we highly recommend using EHR on portable technology for access conv...

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your hands are full, let us handle medication management

EHR interfaced with rcopia delivers confidence and control to your every day prescribing access 24 months of patient medication history, current formulary information, and drug-drug/drug-allergy in...

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new customized EHR templates

EHR, they had one question in mind, “how to construct a full medical record in minimal time?” which inevitably led to a second question: “how to simplify the process of documentation? ” the result is ...

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what does your EHR vendor do for you?

EHR needs...

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sales tax is part of every business, including now wch

EHR product. all ismart EHR users are subject to sales tax, 8.875% tax charge will be added to the invoice for the use of the ismart EHR system. wch service bureau has amended EHR software licensing a...

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EHR incentive programs still available

EHR vendor to help them attest for meaningful use before it’s too late to receive government incentive payments. practitioners are realizing that their incentive payments has been already received ...

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our next service just for you - ismart EHR

EHR! at the peak of EHR technology development in the healthcare it industry, ceo of wch service bureau, aleksandr romanychev, took the initiative to develop an EHR system that would complement the al...

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wch and drfirst join forces to educate and improve your prescribing practice!

EHR is fully compatible with dr first e- prescribing solutions and can help you begin using the software immediately to be prepared for changes that are coming up in 2015 for prescribing controlled su...

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introducing ismart EHR packages

EHR has been designed with your practice needs in mind. wch offers a variety of different packages and pricing options to fit the specific needs of your practices. our ismart EHR packages cover a broa...

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EHR. the interactive website features further details and developments about the product. you can now visit to: request a free demo and consultation view screen shots and temp...

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wch interview with healthcare it news

EHR with the help of the usability people, some physicians would rather take the medicare penalties starting in 2015 than wrestle with a difficult-to-use EHR. romanychev says some vendors have built u...

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use complete ismart EHR to improve quality of your practice

EHR) instead of paper charts has its benefits. wch ismart EHR is a complete certified EHR where all aspect of clinical care are recorded in one system. this allows medical providers and their staff to...

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we did it! ismart EHR - a complete ambulatory EHR

EHR version 1.1 has successfully completed the certification as a 2014 meaningful use complete EHR. date certified: march 20, more

get your EHR incentive payment

EHR technology. get the incentive payment while you still can to avoid a reduction in medicare payments.ismart EHR is a cost leader in the industry!save money and get ismart EHR today to be eligible f...

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just wch it to get your answers fast and easily!

EHR? wch itwe urge the wch community to use wch as a source for all practice needs...

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get thousands of incentive payments with ismart EHR

EHR systems nationwide.with the creation and certification of, wch n...

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what an amazing end to a great year

EHR is meaningful use certifiedwe never stop growing and improving. wch service bureau is yet again announcing amazing and extraordinary news. on monday december 2, 2013 wch received meaningful use ce...

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wch service bureau’s ismart EHR receives onc-acb certification by drummond group

EHR has been tested and certified under the drummond group's electronic health records office of the national coordinator authorized certification body (onc-acb) program. this EHR software is complian...

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wch passed the certification testing!!!

EHR stage 2 ambulatory 2014 edition modular certification.  soon we will be ready to offer our clients, partners, and all other interested health care providers our certified ismart EHR product, so th...

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aleksandr romanychev named a vip member of worldwide who's who for excellence in medical billing services.

EHR solutions, the wch ismart electronic health a medical billing company, wch places a large focus on medical billing, collection and coding services, and a major portion of the company's ...

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ismart EHR certification

EHR certification testing has been completed!     the usability testing of wch ismart EHR was successfully performed on november 3rd and november 4th by thirteen medical providers of different speci...

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a closer look at ismart EHR.

EHR a web based system that offers a user friendly, easy to learn interface. the ease of use of wch ismart EHR is ideal for small and mid-sized practices and solo practitioners. wch developed and desi...

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wch ismart EHR is now certified by drfirst.

EHR, a wch developed electronic medical records system, which will be integrated with our billing system in near future.we are proud to announce that wch service bureau  has successfully completed drf...

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wch service bureau introduces icode by doctors for doctors

EHR systems are realizing that inputting diagnostic and procedure codes as well as treatment notes 'the new way' is taking up to 20% more time than 'the old way,' explained wch ceo aleksandr romanyche...

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wch ismart emr registered for certification

EHR technology (cEHRt). we have partially completed 75% and are still working on the remaining modules.the road to certification is lengthy and difficult, however we will get there to provide top qual...

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wch service bureau introduces icode by doctors for doctors

EHR and other supporting services for health care providers in the tri-state area, is introducing the icode service. icode will enable doctors to focus more time on patient care with less effort requi...

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wch now offering e-superbill

EHR from wch pmbos which is designed to save time, money and labor. the e-superbill is a free feature, part of pmbos that replaces the bulky forms used for the old paper superbill and replaced it with...

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wch introduces icode for more efficient practice time

EHR systems are well aware that inputting diagnostic and procedure codes as well as treatment notes “the new way” is taking more time than “the old way”.read more

icd 10-wch interviewed by cms research team

EHRs) because the required snomed-ct will be cross-walked to icd-10 codes. because diagnosis codes are core elements of many health it systems, icd-10's improved structure and specificity are needed t...

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february 28 deadline for medicare EHR incentive payment quickly approaching

EHR) by thursday, february 28. for more information, go to

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hipaa ‘mega-rule’ adds EHR vendors, storage facilities to business associate list

EHR) system vendors and storage companies, by september 23 to comply with provisions in hhs’ hipaa “mega-rule.”...

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     Replace the G codes you’ve been using to bill for smoking cessation counseling of patients who ...

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Important Info

Medicare covers an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) providing Personalized Prevention Plan Services (PPPS...

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