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description: experienced medical biller is needed to handle billing of several practices. looking for a specialist that has at least 3 years of experience in medical billing and ...

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healthcare news

descriptions for psychoanalysis, family psychotherapy (with and without the patient), multi-family group psychotherapy, and group psychotherapy will not change in 2013.some specific key code changes i...

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we can help

description of our service, type of insurances, packages: buying package.     ordering all applications (usually takes about 2 weeks).     meeting to sign received applications.     filing in...

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description. . you also can edit presentations before uploading them. if you need to see one of slides, you can click on any one of them. when all changes are done, please click "save." now you can cr...

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telehealth service coverage guidelines: a brief guide

description of an eligible originating site. verify telehealth billing requirements telehealth providers must verify each payer's billing requirements. the best way to know if telemedicine is covered ...

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nys omig december annual certification 2014

description and therefore by law, must have a compliance program in place and must ­conform to the mandatory compliance ­program obligation. are your biller or billing agency in compliance with omig?i...

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a closer look at ismart ehr.

description of ismart ehr feature list is coming soon on our website...

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2013 cpt coding changes for psychiatrists and behavioral health providers

descriptions, but will follow the 15 minute cpt time rule ~ an important detail which will also require your investigation if you are not familiar with it.  read more information

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non-specific procedure code description requirement for hipaa version 5010 claims

description of the service is now required....

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WCH Advocates for Healthcare Billing Reform WCH advocated for medical billing reform in D.C.WCH met ...

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Differentiated Coding for Expanded Problem Focused, and Detailed Levels of Evaluation and Management...

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Summer 2016 Bulletin

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