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Medical Billing


Our goal is to work closely with you along with your staff to increase income and overall improve your cash flow through excellent and efficient medical billing and collection services that will lead to your financial success. Remember, your success is our success.

Why chose WCH as your medical billing company ? WCH is not just a medical billing company. With us you get a wide range of complementing and supporting services in the healthcare management sector. We provide our clients with free supporting services such as: monthly publications, educational and networking events, unlimited consultations and referrals. Our business is designed as a multiservice approach; we bring together a comprehensive package for medical providers. We have the knowledge and experience, from credentialing to software development and everything in between. We are the whole package. We work for you to have a peace of mind knowing that your practices remains successful and well kept.

Medical Billing service

We prepare and send all claims to the proper insurance carrier and ensure timely submission of each claim. Our company policy is to submit claims within 5 business days of Superbill receipt from our clients. Each claim is processed by our skilled medical billing staff, which ensures that the bill adheres to the Medicare’s (CMS) Local Coverage Determination (LCD) and other insurance medical billing guidelines.

We successfully appeal denials, follow up on outstanding claims and help achieve 100% reimbursement we make every effort to ensure that every insurance covered claim will be paid by an insurance vendor. Furthermore, to increase income, we can bill and collect reimbursement from the patient, in accordance to the specified guidelines given by our client.

All claims that were unjustly denied by insurance carriers will be followed up by an appeal. As a medical coding and billing company, WCH works with lawyers that specialize in the medical field and with various upstanding collection agencies to make sure that all services rendered will be compensated. We also work with superintendents of state insurance departments and Congressmen in cases where additional leverage is required to resolve unjustly denies of payment.

WCH is well versed in all HIPPA guidelines. Our HIPAA privacy officer ensures that all procedures in practice billing are tailored to specified insurance billing service guidelines.

In addition to Medical billing services, WCH provides comprehensive reporting features that inform our clients the status of their claims. This provides for complete transparency of our dedicated work.

WCH will free the medical practitioner from the burden of medical billing and collection and virtually eliminate provider and patient payment confrontation. Our goal is to allow you to focus primarily on your patients and leave the practice billing and reimbursement to us.


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