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WCH is now offering the E-Superbill, a EMR/EHR from WCH PMBOS which is designed to save time, money and labor. The E-Superbill is a free feature, part of PMBOS that replaces the bulky forms used for the old paper superbill and replaced it with efficient, electronic, fast and easy E-Superbill It will document patient encounters in the “real time” mode.

E-Superbill provides the healthcare provider with very few clickable defaults directly into the entry screen, where the most commonly used procedures and diagnosis codes are readily available. Upon the completion of the visit, with a click of a button, the provider chooses the appropriate CPT codes, diagnosis code and the E-Superbill is ready to be seen by the biller. Eliminating several unnecessary steps in the process provides for fewer potential pitfalls which is crucial in this highly regulated industry.

Using the E-Superbill is more accurate and eliminates the guesswork of which CPT codes were circled on a bad copy of a paper superbill which results in incorrect billing. Further, it eliminates the frequently seen problems of medical billing which include missing a code when billing, or billing the wrong code, writing the wrong date, or having a hard time reading the date. Overall WCH E-Superbill is an effective and efficient way to transmit accurate data from the provider’s office directly to your biller in the most precise and rapid way possible. It provides for a slighter chance of submitting the incorrect data to insurance companies and having to adjust claims for incorrect claim submission, raising fewer red flags and thus protecting the providers from future audits. It also, eliminates unnecessary work of personal and saves enormous amount of money spent for extra data entry job.

Providers still provide all the same information with far fewer steps, only few clicks are required to create the E-Superbill directly from the appointment list, ensuring that no appointment is ever unbilled, missed and not reimbursed. E-Superbill contains the complete record of the services performed, contains complete insurance information, and its ready to proceed to the billing side for the next step.

As mentioned above, the benefits for using WCH E-Superbill:

To get the many benefits of using our FREE E-Superbill contact your billing account representative at WCH TODAY!!!.


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