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URGENT CARE is what we know and do well!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Urgent Care the business model of today!

Driven by patient demand, Urgent care seeks to provide a convenient, accessible and affordable yet very high quality service patient care. As the United States suffers from a primary care physician shortage that cannot meet the demand for healthcare, Urgent Care Centers are the new business model that serves the need of the patients and makes the payers happy.  

According to the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA), 85 percent of urgent care centers expected an increase in the number of patient visits in 2012, while nearly 40 percent of such centers sought to either expand current facilities or add additional locations. 

Oliver Wyman conducted a national online survey of 2,019 individuals spanning all demographic and health segments. He found significant interest in new, retail-oriented forms of care.

Among his findings, he concluded that Consumers are willing to receive a wide array of services at walk-in clinics or urgent care centers.

Urgent care is a consumer-driven phenomenon that fits well in the 21st century with its emphasis on delivering greater convenience, accessibility, hours and service at a lower cost than emergency rooms and other health care options.

Urgent Care Center business model has been a successful entity; WCH has had the privilege to assist in developing many urgent care centers from the emergence of the business model. Therefore, WCH has a great experience establishing tens of successful Urgent Care Centers. WCH has helped many of its Urgent Care clients take the necessary steps to start and grow successful and thriving Urgent Care Centers that cater to patients need with high quality care and easily assessable service.

WCH urgent care team has the knowledge and expertise in applying for Urgent Care contracts, obtaining the required certifications, negotiating rates and preparing for site visits and later can help with taking over the billing process to deliver maximum ­eligible reimbursement.  

According to an Outlook Model report, Hospitals, health systems, corporate chains, franchises and independent entrepreneurs will continue to seek growth and partnership opportunities. If you are interested in unlimited business opportunities, contact WCH experts today to get a consultation on opening up an Urgent Care Center. 


Contact our dedicated team at olgak@wchsb.com



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