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A Closer Look Inside WCH Credentialing Services

Every issue will provide details of the work performed in each WCH department. We want you to know how we work and what we do for you. 

Who We Are:
WCH Credentialing Department has been helping Medical providers set up their practice and enroll in insurance companies for over 12 years. Our team has helped over 5,000 groups, practices and individual providers navigate through the complex process of provider enrollment and insurance contracting. WCH experience Credentialing Professionals provides top quality affordable service for a verity of specialties in all 50 states.

What We Do:
WCH Credentialing Provides an essential service which is required for all healthcare provider. We set up and enroll any practice, group or individual provider of any specialty with the insurance companies so our client receive the proper contracts with insurance companies and healthcare organizations. WCH Credentialing Department completes, manages and monitors practitioner application to ensure the process of credentialing and re-credentialing is done with the most accuracy. Our company understands the credentialing process, rules and regulations of different insurance organizations as well as the complex provider credentialing requirements. We are familiar with the industry and procedures, which allows us to navigate the provider credentialing process in order to achieve quick and positive results.

Key benefits of WCH Credentialing Services:

  • Receive free expert consultation about new groups or existing practice updates
  • WCH completes your enrollment application in the shortest time frame possible
  • Credentialing experts fill out the application to ensure accuracy and error free process
  • Free your time and forget the hassle of paperwork and follow up calls while we complete and monitor the process
  • Receive your approval letter in the mail with your provider IDs and effective date FASTER

Question about Contracting and Credentialing? For more details visit: http://wchsb.com/Provider-Credentialing-Service or Contact Us at 718-934-6714718-934-6714 x 1310



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