Deactivation of Clinical Education E-Mail Box and Telephone Line

5/6/2012 11:01 PM

National Government Services12/28/11

   National Government Services will deactivate the telephone line and e-mail box that are currently used for Clinical Education effective July 1, 2011. Providers who direct messages to this e-mail box or phone line on or after July 1 will not receive a response, as messages will no longer be received by National Government Services staff.
Effective July 1, the Customer Care Online Inquiry Form will replace the Clinical Education e-mail box as follows.
Written correspondence and inquiries can now be submitted online. Submit your questions to the National Government Services Customer Care team directly from the Web site using the Customer Care Online Inquiry Form. National Government Services is unable to accept beneficiary/claim-specific requests at this time, due to protected health information (PHI) Internet security policy requirements. When completing your request, please make sure it does not include any of the following information:
·    Medicare numbers
·    Social Security Numbers
·    Personal/beneficiary medical information
·    Confidential information
Please complete the Customer Care Online Inquiry Form in its entirety. We will respond to inquirers who represent providers, such as billing services, just as we would if we received an inquiry from them through traditional channels.
You will receive a response via telephone/writing within 45 business days from our Customer Care Department. If you have a question(s) about a specific claim, please use either the Provider Contact Center, IVR system, or sign up for NGSConnex and utilize these resources. You can also submit your question in writing to:
National Government Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 6189
Indianapolis, Indiana 46207-6189