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January 9, 2018
Get higher contracts rates!   Credentialing is a very complex process. Sometimes it takes so long and goes so difficult that providers just agree on whatever Health Insurance plan offers. Once a provider is contracted with a plan, he or she must accept plan’s fee schedule as payment in full.   S...
January 9, 2018
iSmart EHR Successfully Certified to 2015 Edition!   WCH Company is progressing and developing day by day. We are proud of the achievements of the whole company, each department, and each individual employee. One of the latest and very significant success is that WCH iSmart Electronic Health Reco...
January 9, 2018
Preauthorization Hell, WCH Can Help!   We understand the complications of obtaining preapprovals from certain services from payers. Why do you think insurance companies make their rules more stringent by initiating the pre-authorization process for many services? Yes, clear the answer – to reduc...
December 5, 2017
WCH Removed Physician from the OMIG Exclusion List   The Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) is an independent entity established within the New York State Department of Health. Its major aim is to promote and protect the integrity of the Medicaid program by preventing and detecting f...
December 5, 2017
  WCH Introduces Credentialing Live Link Considering the amount of ongoing processes in WCH Credentialing Department, it became crucial for us to inform our clients regarding their enrollment status in a more effective and efficient way. I would say even a more sophisticated way.  Understanding th...
December 5, 2017
  WCH Invests into Staff Training to Keep Your Practice Secure   WCH professionals are all geared towards making your practice secure and superb. WCH Management invests heavily into the staff education and improving their professional qualifications. The following illustrates how far we go to exc...
December 5, 2017
WCH Organized Webinar on NYS Requirements – Medicaid Update   Recently, it has been announced that all Medicaid Managed Care providers must be enrolled with State Medicaid programs no later than January 1, 2018. Otherwise, they will be removed from the Medicaid Managed Care Provider Network. Enro...
November 1, 2017
The Secret behind Your Practice High Reimbursement   Here at WCH, OUR GREATEST ASSET is that we provide medical practices with up to 98% reimbursement on claims. We don’t only cross all “t’s” and dot all “i’s” to make this happen, we also fight back on behalf of our clients when it comes to incor...
November 1, 2017
Automation of Processes in WCH   Oxford University study has predicted that about 47% of all jobs and services will be automated by 2033. We are not going to be left out of this automation movement. Being automated means being paperless, keeping all data and information under control, focusing mo...
November 1, 2017
We are much  more than just a billing company   The Healthcare industry is a wide extensive field and does not include only treating of patients, just as the WCH Service Bureau does not provide solely Medical Billing Service. Along with treating patients, there are still many things that medical...

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Get higher contracts rates!   Credentialing is a very complex process. Sometimes it takes so lon...

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