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CPT codes, diagnosis code and the e-superbill is ready to be seen by the biller. eliminating several unnecessary steps in the process provides for fewer potential pitfalls which is crucial in this hig...

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healthcare news

CPT® code numbers for psychotherapy when billing insurance carriers, including medicare. the fundamental services underlying these new codes will not change. this transition is a result of the centers...

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ten reasons why wch is being chosen by health сare providers!

CPT, icd-10 coding updates, medical policies updates, insurance updates in regards to credentialing, administrative, utilization management updates or changes, industry updates such as federal and sta...

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automation of processes in wch

CPT codes, lose no time sending billing in. also, helps you never lose a superbill. appointment feature for each doctor in the practice with all possible service locations on one screen with multi...

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after hours visits earn additional income make sure you’re billing accordingly

CPT (current procedural terminology) code. while the exact definition of “after hours” varies by insurer, most reimburse for services rendered outside of regularly posted office hours. this does not...

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telehealth service coverage guidelines: a brief guide

CPT or hcpcs codes that ordinarily describe face-to-face services, including, but not limited to, office or other outpatient visits, inpatient visits, or individual psychotherapy services.by coding an...

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do your billing processes need a second opinion?

CPT codes to make sure they all match and support claims submissions.   our goal is to provide complete transparency of your practice’s current billing process.call 888-924-3973 for more information....

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new cognitive assessment code likely to become permanent in 2018

CPT code, approved by the CPT editorial panel, in 2018.code definition: cognition and functional assessment using standardized instruments with development of a recorded care plan for the patient with...

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oct. 1 changes make smoking cessation easier — but watch out for denial traps

CPT codes as of oct. 1, cms tells part в news.      the codes you’ve been using for symptomatic patients — 99406 (smoking and tobacco use cessation counseling visit; intermediate, greater than 3 minut...

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new cmrs on staff...

CPT4 and hcpcs coding.•    are knowledgeable in insurance claims and billing, appeals and denials, fraud and abuse, hippa, oig compliance, and reimbursement. •    to play a critical role in a health c...

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wch service bureau will help you to increase your revenue 40% in the next year.

CPT and icd-10-cm codes for billing.  submitting claims to medical insurances for treatments, which your compromised patients so desperately need but cannot afford while their dental payers deny cover...

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do you know what specific specialties medicare (ngs) is auditing?

CPT codes 99348-99350 rendered by podiatrists (specialty 48) for april, may and june 20152. providers in connecticut, downstate ny, upstate nyprepayment review results: CPT codes 98940 and 98941 forap...

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new cpb and compliance officer on staff

CPT®, icd-9-cm, and hcpcs level ii coding guidelines navigating the varying rules and regulations which apply to the healthcare industry, including hi- paa, false claims act, fair debt collections ...

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intensive outpatient service (ios)

CPT /hcpcs billing codes9480 – intensive outpatient psychiatric services, per diem.note: the s9480 code went into effect 1/1/2011; priorto that date if a program utilized a specific ios trackthe progr...

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providers, are you speaking with your billers? learn why you cannot avoid that conversation?

CPT 99204. the biller repeatedly requested progress notes from the doctor to verify that this procedure is properly documented. dr a never responded to the biller’s request for documentation. eventual...

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tips for successful medical billing

CPT/hcpcs codes in order to appropriately report services rendered. understanding and utilizing cms ncci (national correct coding initiative) procedure to procedure edits and medically unlikely edi...

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excellent medical chart increase quality of patient care

CPTs that were billed were actually rendered to the patient questions about your coding and documentation? contact elizaveta bannova billing department vice manager cmrs, cfpc at 718-934-6714718-93...

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wch is proud to announce that zukhra kasimova has passed the cpb exam!

CPT®, icd-9-cm, and hcpcs level ii coding guidelinesnavigating the varying rules and regulations which apply to the healthcare industry, including hipaa, false claims act, fair debt collections act, a...

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wch now offering e-superbill

CPT codes, diagnosis code and the e-superbill is ready to be seen by the biller. eliminating several unnecessary steps in the process provides for fewer potential pitfalls which is crucial in this hig...

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wch october bulletin

CPT coding changes for psychiatrists and behavioral health providers important note to physicians ordering dme 2013 erx hardship exemption cms details medicaid primary-care payments boostenjo...

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2013 CPT coding changes for psychiatrists and behavioral health providers

CPT coding include the elimination and replacement of therapy codes in the 908xx series used by non-prescribers.   the new psychotherapy codes have specific times rather than time ranges attached to t...

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reminder: technical component of advanced diagnostic imaging accreditation requirements effective sunday, january 1, 2012

CPT) codes attached to an magnetic resonance imaging (mri), computed tomography (ct), and nuclear medicine claim. the professional component claims are not affected by the accreditation requirements a...

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medicare updates hep b admin code guidance

CPT® 90471 immunization administration (includes percutaneous, intradermal, subcutaneous, or intramuscular injections); 1 vaccine (single or combination vaccine/toxoid) or 90472 immunization administr...

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  New tool iSmart Monitor:  Claims’ payment info transparency!     To keep control of the situatio...

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Important Info

  Do not wait until the last minute!    March 31st is the last day Eligible professional may rep...

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January 2018 Bulletin

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