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medical billing faq

authorization on file, what should we do?

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end user license agreement

authorization may be suspended, revoked or modified from time to time by either licensed user and/or wch in either parties sole discretion based on each authorized user’s adherence to the terms and co...

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patient management billing operating system pmbos ©

authorization and much more: flexibility to view, edit and print any information on the patient or the visit. patient profile contains ledger co-pay, authorization information and insurance c...

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receptionist services (available only with billing services)

authorization as needed. by generating a weekly patient report, will ensure that no visit is ever unauthorized. to ensure correct and timely processing of your billing we will communicate with the pat...

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second opinion audit

authorization and eligibility checking     why wch? wch reviews and processes tens of thousands of medicare, medicaid and private insurance claims every year. we know that billers without appc and h...

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real time eligibility

authorization for purposes of treatment, payment and health care operations.5.4. you acknowledge that through our program you may be able to view, send and/or receive confidential medical information,...

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why wch

authorizations and patient's accepting procedure; consulting with insurances policies and guidelines; computerizing, software installation; computer support; new office consulting (dependi...

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preauthorization hell, wch can help!

authorization hell, wch can help!   we understand the complications of obtaining preapprovals from certain services from payers. why do you think insurance companies make their rules more stringent ...

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automation of processes in wch

authorizations tracker - keeping your approved authorizations from payers in order with build in alert for the user. claims heaven -  payments, pending, and denied claims are all at your fingerpri...

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new prior authorization program effective 10/1/2017 at fidelis care

authorization program effective 10/1/2017 at fidelis care   fidelis care has engaged evicore healthcare (evicore) to implement a new prior authorization program effective october 1, 2017.   prior a...

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mips reporting countdown: act now to avoid penalties

authorization act) compliance from the centers for medicare & medicaid services (cms) in may. but practitioners shouldn’t breathe easy just yet. “the break is only for certain providers and it only ap...

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wch trains practice staff and nearly doubles reimbursements

authorization; and while the same company may cover something under one individual’s plan, they may not under another. the dermatologist and his three physician’s assistants see 60-70 patients a day, ...

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wch reinstates and recovers claims for clients disenrolled from uhc in error

authorization.” others had mistakenly been reimbursed at out-of-network rates.once the whole process, initiated in december 2016, was finalized in the middle of april 2017, wch was able get all back c...

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important update to your billing agreement

authorization process.it’s a law! clients must have direct communication with wch account representatives according to recommendations of oig frequent communication between the billing company and the...

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new york state adult day service association (nysadsa) invites olga khabinskay

authorizations, complicated billing process, denial reason, time frame, split billing, what you need to know about reimbursement, patient coverageat the nysadsa conference olga will provide details on...

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  New tool iSmart Monitor:  Claims’ payment info transparency!     To keep control of the situatio...

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Important Info

  Do not wait until the last minute!    March 31st is the last day Eligible professional may rep...

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January 2018 Bulletin

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