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medical billing faq


source: http://www.s...

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frequently asked questions

contract that i must sign in order to begin working with wch? if i am not satisfied, can i terminate my contract?

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credentialing application

contracted providers.4. what does the credentialing process entail?the credentialing process involves gathering of documents, completing correctly applications, mailing the package, numerous phone cal...

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contract $2,100 change participation status $480 add member in group $180 update $1,200 and up  ...

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end user license agreement

contractor, unsecured protected health information, and use. obligations and activities of wch. use and disclosure. wch agrees not to use or disclose pr...

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provider credentialing

contracts, including all specialties transportation companies early intervention agency (eia) home health agency(hha) credentialing covering all 50 states: (ak) alaska (az) arizona (...

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provider credentialing service

contracts, including all specialties transportation companies early intervention agency (eia) home health agency (hh)normal0falsefalsefalseen-usx-nonex-noneread more



no, commercial insurances never give past effective date on the contacts. medicare does ...

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receptionist services (available only with billing services)

contractlet wch help you today and we will take care of your medical receptionist service, please contact our office for more information...

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start using ismart ehr

contract. discover a simplified electronic solution, designed for your specialty to manage medical records, prescriptions, internal communications and front desk tasks, all in a patient portal. ...

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real time eligibility

contracts made, executed and wholly performed in new york, and, for the purposes of any and all legal or equitable actions, you specifically agree  to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state...

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why wch

contracts negotiating; employees (receptionist) training; authorizations and patient's accepting procedure; consulting with insurances policies and guidelines; computerizing, software inst...

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attention managed care network providers! new york state now requires all healthcare providers to enroll with medicaid.

contracts (such as health first, metroplus, affinity, fidelis, amerigroup and etc.) as of new year. to check on your enrollment status, please call medicaid at 1–800–343–9000. practitioners may a...

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switching billing companies: the risks of falling for an intro promotion

contract with a bad company.  read more

increase in documentation submitted without a valid provider signature affects payments

contractors review medicare claims and medical documentation submitted by physicians and/or providers. medicare requires that services provided/ordered be authenticated by the author. the method used ...

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all providers must revalidate medicare enrollment information under affordable care act criteria every five years; wch can help with provider enrollment revalidation – cycle 2

contractor (mac).   when either of these occur you must:   submit a revalidation application through the internet-based pecos: https://pecos.cms.hhs.gov/pecos/login.do. this is the fastest, and m...

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wch reinstates and recovers claims for clients disenrolled from uhc in error

contract, and she emailed them to re-open the doctors’ claims: some of which had been denied for “no authorization.” others had mistakenly been reimbursed at out-of-network rates.once the whole proces...

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profitable news for providers

contract opportunities for urgent care providers. united healthcare reimbursable urgent care code change:effective july 25, united healthcare plans will no longer reimburse the healthcare common proce...

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providers must report enrollment information changes by dictated deadlines

contractor (mac) within 30 days for a change in ownership, an adverse legal action, or a change in practice location, or 90 days for all other changes. failure to do so could result in the revocation ...

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telehealth service coverage guidelines: a brief guide

contract because the service is delivered via telehealth.” (ny state public health law § 4406-g, ny state insurance law § 3217-h)this does not include medicare and self-funded plans. medicaid has othe...

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upcoming request for medicaid provider documentation under the payment error rate measurement (perm) program

contractor. for more information, read the april 2017 medicaid update, page 8...

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thinking about starting a practice...

contract with a consultant.  get them vetted and make sure you have any contract reviewed by your attorney.  many consultants try to take a percentage of practice revenue, which in many states, includ...

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we are credentialing gurus! find out why

contracts (all specialties) •    multi-specialty groups •    (idtf) independent diagnostic testing facili¬ties •    urgent care centers •    pharmacies, labs, dme •    establishing pc, inc, pllc •    ...

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credentialing for mental health- it is now more important than ever

contracted many oasas centers in new york. our recommendation for all oasas centers that have not converted to managed care, is to d...

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5 tips and tricks for negotiating better urgent care contracts

contracts with payors can be a frustrating experience. insurance companies are always looking to decrease their costs, so convincing them that you deserve an increase in compensation can be an uphill ...

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wch is presenting on urgent care conference in chicago

contracting and regulatory issues of the urgent care business model. topics olga will cover:managed care contracting presented by olga khabinskay, wch service bureau inc. date: monday april 27th 2015 ...

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urgent care is what we know and do well!

contracts, obtaining the required certifications, negotiating rates and preparing for site visits and later can help with taking over the billing process to deliver maximum ­eligible reimbursement.  a...

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wch at nysadsa conference

contracting select & contact as many mltc listed in your county prepare letter of intent with supporting documents be ready for site visit – get the facility ready establish good relations...

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stop the credentialing madness on the payers side!

contract participation to providers as of new year wch takes action when times are tough and seeks fast solutions; this is how we are working around these challenging situations:• we have enough years...

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important update to your billing agreement

contract changes coming up january 2015dear clients, effective january 1, 2015, wch is making important changes to your existing billing agreement.wch will be sending out updated billing agreements to...

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new york state adult day service association (nysadsa) invites olga khabinskay

contracting with insurance companies: requirements, time frame, process, contract rates, negotiationsbilling process: options, available vendors, internal authorizations, complicated billing pro...

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overwiew of recent webinar on close panels!

contract with the state upcoming merger with another health plan temporarily closed due to office operations state restrictions set off by medicaid programtips on how to fight ...

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introducing ismart ehr packages

contracted and use wch billing servic...

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important news for our clients: we updated our billing service agreement, find out what has changed.

contract has been updated with some administrative changes that we believe will improve our services. we at wch work around the clock to ensure our clients get quality service. we always improve our p...

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a closer look inside wch credentialing services

contracting. wch experience credentialing professionals provides top quality affordable service for a verity of specialties in all 50 states.what we do:wch credentialing provides an essential service ...

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wch wins

contracting regulations to save a client from refunding $300,000 to insurance company. our cpc has successfully dispute a patient hospital bill with the hospital. this patient bill dispute ...

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icd-10 testing week done!

contractors, as a result test claims received the 277ca acknowledgement which confirmed that the claim were appropriately accepted in to the medicare system. wch aapc certified professionals are now p...

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just wch it to get your answers fast and easily!

contracting? wch it unsure about documentation requirements? wch it question about ehr? wch itwe urge the wch community to use wch as a source for all practice needs...

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aleksandr romanychev named a vip member of worldwide who's who for excellence in medical billing services.

contracting, and coding services. wch also audits charts and provides customized medical software solutions for clients, in addition to receptionist services and continuing education unit (ceu) credit...

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wch ismart emr registered for certification

contracts for mu certification is signed certification with dr.first (e-prescribing vendor) is in progress. initial submission was made to dr.first and feedback was received. the second submission ...

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wch efforts in preparing and implementing th icd-10

contracted market research consultants alan newman research on the icd-10. olga khabinskay provided on in-depth look of how wch is internally and externally preparing for the migration process to icd-...

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integra partners

contract with dme  and o&p providers. integra partners was chosen as the  exclusive agent to handle all dme and o& p.  all dme providers who are enrolled with integra and have a direct contract with h...

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wch service bureau appoints olga khabinskay as chief operating officer

contract issues. as a result, she is highly trained and experienced in hippa regulations, insurance networking, client relations and legal read more

revocation of billing privileges in medicare

contractor shall not revoke the supplier’s billing privileges on this basis. however, if the contractor independently determines – through an on-site inspection under 42 cfr 424.535(a)(5)(ii) or via a...

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icd 10-wch interviewed by cms research team

contracted market research consultants alan newman research on the icd-10. it was a great honor and privilege to be one of the chosen vendors for this interview. olga khabinskay provided on in-depth l...

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major therapy reimbursment changes starting october 1st, 2012!

contractor websites regarding which phase they are included in. full article read in our blog wchsb.blogspot.com and newsletter...

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provider enrollment revalidation effort

contractor (mac) sends the request to revalidate? - updated 12/23/2011·    we have not received a revalidation request. do we pay the $505 fee for 2011 now or do we wait until the mac tells us to? - u...

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medicare physician fee schedule 2012 update.

contractors have already published 2012 physician fee schedules with the planned reduction. in an effort to ensure proper reimbursement with the appropriate fee schedule, cms instructed contractors to...

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cms starts immediate recoupment for overpayments

contractors begin recoupment of an overpayment on day 41 from the date of the initial demand letter. effective july 1, 2012, however, providers can request recoupment to begin prior to day 41. provide...

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medicare updates hep b admin code guidance

contractor on or after july 2, 2012 for adjustment.source: mln matters® mm7692, issued jan. 25, 2012...

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The Secret behind Your Practice High Reimbursement   Here at WCH, OUR GREATEST ASSET is that we p...

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Important Info

  Attention Managed Care Network Providers! New York State now requires all Healthcare providers t...

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Summer 2016 Bulletin

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