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coo at olgak@wchsb.com $(document).ready(function () { $(".call-popup").click(function (event) { event.preventdefault(); var getidpopu...

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coolsite {margin: 0 auto; width: 1120px; background: #f9f6e2;} coolsite4me.com - is a training and education web portal that helps automate the process of learning while...

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end user license agreement

cooperate with law enforcement authorities in investigating suspected violators. licensed user shall indemnify and defend wch for any claims, suits, losses or actions against wch arising from, related...

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provider credentialing service

cooas an experienced credentialing service company, wch works with great efficiency to get our clients enrolled in various insurance companies. our company understands the credentialing process, rules...

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real time eligibility

cookies. they are used to keep track and store information so that the user does not have to supply the information multiple times.6. what we will not be liable foruser acknowledges that in providing ...

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why wch

cooperate with wchsbwe will do everything in our power to obtain the highest degree of reimbursement, such as calling insurance companies and send appeal letters until maximum reimbursement is obtaine...

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wch organized webinar on nys requirements – medicaid update

coo of wch explained to participants the necessity of this enrollment describing the process in details. as olga knows exactly with what kind of difficulties providers have to meet, she has shared use...

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meet account representative and biller timur miftahutdinov

cooking. his large collection of vinyl records includes rock, jazz, easy listening and classical. timur played basketball, hockey and soccer in school, and continues to play stickball, which is simila...

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wch alliance

coordinating care, following regulations and adapting to changes. health care is changing, and doctors more than ever need a company that will protect them. as a dedicated partner, we at wch truly car...

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why i love working at wch

cook a delicious dish, salad or a cake, it doesn’t matter what i cook. but it should be something tasty and unusual, because i like to please my children by my cooking abilities. and surely i engage i...

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5 tips and tricks for negotiating better urgent care contracts

coo of wch service bureau, inc., says it’s best to wait a couple of years first.“urgent care providers that have an urgent care contract are allowed to request a fee negotiation after they’ve been in ...

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wch is presenting on urgent care conference in chicago

coo of wch service bureau will share her extensive knowledge and experience.olga has been given not one but two 1 hour long sessions to discuss crucial contracting and regulatory issues of the urgent ...

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important update to your billing agreement

cooperation in returning signed agreements to wch in timely manner. starting january 2015 the late fee charge for no payment of billing invoice will be 35$.sincerely,anna kim, wch legal departmen...

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overwiew of recent webinar on close panels!

coo and credentialing specialists hosted a webinar providing detailed information about accessing closed insurance panels and unlocking additional revenue.when insurance companies deny your participat...

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improvements in the credentialing department

coo. candidates for the position of a supervisor are being reviewed and considered. new credentialing specialists have joined our team and are currently undergoing extensive training to ensure qual...

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olga khabinskay 2014 new york ema winner by smart ceo

coo and cxo. the executive management awards program recognizes the achievements of greater new york’s management for their creative management vision, leadership philosophy, innovative strategy and u...

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excellent medical chart increase quality of patient care

coordination, compliance, coding, billing and reimbursement. accurate coding translates clinical documentation into a resource that can help providers improve the care of their patients and improve of...

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we did it! ismart ehr - a complete ambulatory ehr

coo normal0falsefalsefalserux-nonex-none

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what makes a professional biller?

coomedical billing is the livelihood of healthcare practitioner revenue, and it has become more complex over the years. submitting clean claims requires knowledge of coding guidelines, insurance requi...

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important news for wch clients!


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aapc volunteering

cook for themselves. it's the only agency of its kind in new york, preparing everyread more

what an amazing end to a great year

coordinator hit certification program.in efforts to achieve an improved clinical care delivery, the us government provides incentives for adoption and effective use of ehrs by u.s. healthcare provider...

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wch volunteers with aapc this holiday season!

cook for themselves because we can help and we understand that our success is tied to the success of our communities. for more information go to http://www.aapc.com/localchaptereventagendas/52df8971-6...

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wch service bureau’s ismart ehr receives onc-acb certification by drummond group

coordinator authorized certification body (onc-acb) program. this ehr software is compliant in accordance with the criteria adopted by the secretary of the u.s. department of health and human services...

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olga khabinskay speaks at amba national conference.

coo of wch, presented to amba members on the topicof credentialing. with eleven years of experience in the provider enrollment process, olga is an expert in the topic. amba conference attendees were f...

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wch passed the certification testing!!!


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olga khabinskay, coo speaker at hcca web conference – credential with confidence

 for more information go to: http://www.hcca-info.org/events/eventinfo/sessionaltcd/003_ac022514.asp...

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the first and only aapc certified cpb in brooklyn, new york.

coo of wch service bureau, “this is one of the many achievements of our company, i am extremely proud of zukhra’s capabilities as a billing professional and for her devotion to protect wch clients. sh...

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wch at annual amba conference.

coo of wch, presented to amba members on the topicof credentialing. with eleven years of experience in the provider enrollment process, olga is an expert in the topic. amba conference attendees were f...

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olga khabinskay at the amba annual conference

coo, olga khabinskay will speak at the amba 2013, 13th annual national medical billing conference on october 10-11, 2013 in las vegas!!!    as a trusted member of amba olga khabinskay has been chosen ...

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integra partners

as of september 2013  amerigroup/healthplus will terminate their direct contract with dme  and o&p providers. integra partners was chosen as the  exclusive agent to handle all dme and o& p.  all dme p...

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congratulations olga!

coo, olga khabinskay, gave birth to a beautiful and healthy girl and named her emma valentina. olga and her baby girl are both healthy and well. this is a very special event for olga and her family an...

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wch service bureau appoints olga khabinskay as chief operating officer

coo, olga will extend her knowledge and experience to move the company in a new direction while continuing her management responsibility for many of the company’s divisions including medical office bi...

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wch times summer 2013

coo wch now offering e-superbill our new service – icode

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icd 10-wch interviewed by cms research team

coordination and improved disease management is also enabled by use of the more descriptive codes in combination with medical record notes. already the standard in most countries, icd-10 implementatio...

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ama: last-minute action to avert cuts to physicians shows the need for meaningful medicare changes

coordination. physicians want to work with congress to move past this ongoing crisis and toward a medicare program that ensures access to care and the best health outcomes for patients and a stable, r...

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WCH Removed Physician from the OMIG Exclusion List   The Office of the Medicaid Inspector General...

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Important Info

  New York State Workers’ Compensation Board: New Registration Requirement   Recently, health car...

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Summer 2016 Bulletin

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