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real time eligibility

hhsmercy care plan (arizona)mercy health care planmetlife dental familymetropolitan health plan (mhp)michigan medicaidmichigan medicaid pending eligibilitymichigan michildminnesota medicaidmississippi...

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new hipaa guidance clarifies sharing information related to mental health

hhs web portal.    ...

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all providers must revalidate medicare enrollment information under affordable care act criteria every five years; wch can help with provider enrollment revalidation – cycle 2

hhs.gov/pecos/login.do. this is the fastest, and most efficient, way to submit your revalidation information. you can sign the revalidation application electronically and upload your supporting docume...

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evaluation and management: correct coding crucial for compliance

evaluation and management: correct coding crucial for compliance   in a study report about how “improper payments for evaluation and management services cost medicare billions in 2010,” the office...

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providers must report enrollment information changes by dictated deadlines

providers must report enrollment information changes by dictated deadlines all providers must report enrollment information changes to their medicare administrative contractor (mac) within 30 days for...

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how long do i have to keep patient records and do i have to maintain the entire record?

hhs.gov site.    2. there is no definitive answer here other than you only have a requirement to keep a record for the time periods set forth above if you practice in new york. if you practice in anot...

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important update to your billing agreement

hhs/oig “compliance program guidance for third-party medical billing companies” wch performs random review of all and any records related to billing services and has a right to request such informatio...

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countdown to icd-10, wch is ready, are you?

hhs) will grant an extension beyond the october 1, compliance date. ...

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wch passed the certification testing!!!

hhs).  we will keep you updated on the official release of the product availability.thank you for being by our side during this challenging time. we are even more happier that we are now able to offer...

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hipaa ‘mega-rule’ adds ehr vendors, storage facilities to business associate list

hhs’ hipaa “mega-rule.”...

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final date for the implementation of icd 10 would be moved forward.

hhs will initiate a process to postpone the date by which certain health care entities have to comply with international classification of diseases, 10th edition diagnosis and procedure codes (icd-10)...

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  New tool iSmart Monitor:  Claims’ payment info transparency!     To keep control of the situatio...

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Important Info

  Do not wait until the last minute!    March 31st is the last day Eligible professional may rep...

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January 2018 Bulletin

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