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Second Opinion Audit

WCH Second Opinion Internal Billing Audit Service


Get a Second Opinion on Your Billing for
Profitability, Protection, and Peace of Mind

Are you confident your staff or billing service is capturing 100% of your reimbursements? Probably not. In fact, practices lose up to 66% of their revenue annually due to coding and billing errors.

Now, there's an easy way to find out. Get a WCH Second Opinion.

WCH Second Opinion Internal Billing Audit Service is a quick and low-cost verification process that immediately identifies coding errors, recordkeeping issues and potential liabilities. Most importantly, WCH Second Opinion pays for itself by uncovering missed revenue opportunities.

Will A Second Opinion Help Increase Practice Revenue?

If your claims are being denied, you could be leaving many thousands of revenue dollars on the table every year. A WCH Second Opinion helps multi-location, multi-specialty practices and single office providers analyze billing practices, identify errors, and make changes to regain revenue.

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 42 percent of claims are coded incorrectly.
Can I Audit Both Outside Billers and Internal Management?

Every medical practice should be auditing its billing practices annually. Coding errors, inadequate record keeping, incomplete submissions, and illegal shortcuts leave a practice vulnerable for an insurance audit. Make sure everyone involved with billing, both internal staff and outside vendors, is staying up-to-date, keeping comprehensive records and complying with the latest rules and regulations for each insurer.

How does this Benefit our Practice?
U.S. medical practices forfeit nearly $125 billion annually due to inadequate billing practices.

An expert second opinion will ensure you are maximizing revenue and minimizing common mistakes that could result in suspension of insurances or a medical license.

WCH Will Review and Analyze:

We Will Identify:



Why WCH?

WCH reviews and processes tens of thousands of Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance claims every year. We know that billers without APPC and HBMA certifications frequently make mistakes due to lack of knowledge or carelessness that deprive providers of income because we see it every day.

Take advantage of our expertise and Get a WCH Second Opinion to ensure your in-house or other billing service is complying with changing rules and regulations and receiving maximum reimbursements. We will pinpoint deficiencies, recommend solutions, or confirm everything is on track.


Realize Your Practice Potential

WCH professionals have been providing medical billing, reimbursement analysis, chart reviews and audits for all types of practices, large and small, for more than 15 years. To find out more about our services:
Call 888-924-3973 or click here to send us an email.


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