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Avoid Conflicts between Your trusted Billing Company and Your New EHR vendor

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
WCH has a great strategy and tremendous experi- ence for processing and collection of medical claims and plays a crucial role in its client’s reimbursement process! So, Do Not let your new EHR vendor dictate the work flow of your trusted billers. Whether or not you are using WCH EHR along with our billing service, this software is just an essential tool to have for every practice, small or large. WCH provides our clients with certified EHR program that offers comfortable features and friendly, easy to use interface. By having both products provided by WCH, it eases the stress of managing charts and financial data. Since WCH handles the whole aspect of prac- tice you can relax a little and enjoy the time you get back. Of course, not all of our clients are taking advantage of having two services provided together. Some of the client’s choices for EHR vendor are still driven by price. WCH is not a publicly traded company that can offer clients Free EHR. However, at the current fair market value, cost we do provide is a very unique. Our program allows you to have full control, main- tenance, customization and support, complete with company and people that care about your practice.
Those clients that chose to go with another non-WCH EHR vendor and keep their billing service with us, we ask you not to allow the new EHR vendor to make any changes in WCH established processes of billing. We have been by our client’s side the longest and proved our billing service by delivering clean claim submission to receive maximum eligible reimbursement.  Let WCH team do its job right! WCH team provides much more than just EHR, billing, collection and audit services. Our primary focus is to help and protect our clients. We assist our clients with PQRS measures reporting, meaningful use reporting, incentive programs, and many other vital issues, which other EHR vendor do not provide.
Don’t lose your benefits, be part of WCH trusted  network.
Currently, many EHR vendors are complicating the billing process for doctors simply because they are pushing the providers to use their preferred billing partner rather than trusted existing billing service. Additionally these vendors are pushing their clients to use favored service providers for lab and pharmacy orders, charge for training of new staff, force charges for support of the program 
and for any customization. Many of the EHR vendors are using this system to make more sales rather concentrating on your needs as a medical provider. WCH cares about you and about your practice!  WCH billing experts are responsible for clean claim submission and collection of rightful reimbursement to the client. We are not responsible for downloading and gathering data for billing. We are advising our clients not to allow any EHR vendor to dictate your billing process, especially if you are with WCH already. Our billing requirements for billing documentation are simple. We need to receive electronically or by paper: patient information, signed super bill and insurance card. Once we have this on our side, we are ready to submit your claim and start the collecting process. Any EHR should be flexible enough to accommodate their client with this information. If you are still deciding on the EHR vendor, talk to your account representative, let us show you a demo of WCH ISmart EHR! Worse scenario, you still get more knowledge about EHR products on the market. We know you will not regret it.


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