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Shabbat is the seventh day of the Jewish week and a day of rest in Judaism.
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#1 Medical billing and credentialing company in the tri-state New York area

Aleksandr Romanychev
Aleksandr Romanychev,
 Aleksandr Romanychev

As we have grown to become a leader in the tri- state area we wanted to re-emphasize what makes our company successful, which is providing a variety services with extremely high quality that helps physician's and provider's daily operations.

WCH Service Bureau, Inc Our new logo and brand image represents many aspects of what our company has become over the years. It symbolizes the key characteristics of our company which are strength, care, warmth and professionalism with expert knowledge in our business. Also, it stands for shield, protection and support we provide to our clients on a daily basis. Further, it represents our wide variety of supporting and complementing products and services which were developed with our client's needs in mind. Our new brand image is designed to re-emphasis that WE CAN HELP at every step of the way.

Since 2001, we have proudly served private clinics, laboratories, imaging centers, pharmacies and supply companies and have hundreds of healthcare provider groups as clients. WCH is recognized as a vendor by Medicare, Medicaid and top commercial insurance carriers in the tri-state area and around the country.

WCH is a proud member of AAPC, AMBA, AHIMA and other professional organizations. Our professional affiliations, quality of service and customer care are what differentiate us from other companies and as a result, we are a trusted advisor focused on the success of our clients.


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Meet the people of WCH
Meet the people of WCH

Key features & benefits
Our primary focus is helping you and your practice:
  • A wide array of supporting and complementing products and services
  • Customized management solutions
  • Customized medical software solutions
  • Guaranteed reimbursement levels
  • Highly trained and certified professionals
  • Our services are designed to increase your practice revenue and ensure your medical data accuracy
  • Rigorous quality assurance
  • Services ensure billing compliance that follow the latest industry guidelines and requirements
  • Solid industry relationships
"WCHSB have reduced my expenses and simplified the billing process in my busy schedule. I was really surprised when I saw the differences in my revenue within a monthly period. Their system is easy to learn and implement."
- Dr. Ellen Vitievsky M.D. (Internal Medicine)
"Working with WCHSB has been indeed a very positive experience. Our overhead costs have decreased altogether along with denied claims and I have more time to focus on other important practice management issues. The errors with missing modifiers and incorrect eligibility info have been changed with more positive results."
- Dr. Eduardo Bondoc M.D. (Psychiatrist)

Be advised, that my company Park Avenue Medical Imaging, PC has more than 12 years of professional billing services provided by WCH Service Bureau, Inc. The company has been servicing the billing of radiology services for a significant amount of our private medical offices, located in Greater New York - New Jersey and Connecticut. We prefer the services of WCH Service Bureau, Inc., for the following reasons:

  1. The billing company provides timely and accurate billing information for Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies without mistakes. WCH Service Bureau, Inc. has a high percentage of payments with small amount of rebilling due to correct collection of billing information from the referring doctors.
  2. Rebilling is highly controlled by good professional and personal relations with insurance companies, and with the billing personnel of our private medical doctors.
  3. The very important advantage of WCH Service Bureau, Inc. is the ability to obtain immediate information about the amount of billing, condition of payments and time of delayed payments.
  4. The personnel of WCH Service Bureau, Inc. are professional, stable, well trained and friendly. Our service payments to the company is all time reasonable and not expensive.

We trust our money for billing to WCH Service Bureau, Inc. for a long time without conflicts, delays of service and for ability for back up information almost on an immediate basis and with accuracy. I highly recommend the services of WCH Service Bureau, Inc. for any small or large medical company who needs stability and quality of financial services I want to emphasize and thank Ms. Olga Khabinskay for her professional skills as Manager, and to the staff for being useful and friendly on an everyday basis.

- Dr. Y. Vaynshelbaum (Medical Director)
"I went to WCH through a friend, as he advised me to do my billing with them, in the beginning I thought it's a regular billing company like others, but now after more than 2 years with WCH I can say "THEY ARE THE BEST", my billing always on time with almost in full, I appreciate their proficiency and really recommend them for anyone likes to get the most from his billing, THANK YOU WCH!"
- Dr. Mohamed Elmandouh PT, DPT
“Sleep & Breathing Disorders Center LLC have been working with WCHSB for over a year and would gladly encourage any practice to use their services. WCHSB has experience in sleep testing billing issues and split billing for purchased tests. We saw an immediate improvement in our cash flow and increased revenues. The staff at WCHSB is very dedicated, easy to reach for any question and professional in their work.”
- Pavel Telyatnikov (President of Sleep & Breathing Disorders Center )
"It is a pleasure to work with you. WCH has helped my staff resolve numerous problems. I appreciate your assistance in establishing my new professional corporation as well as getting me on insurance panels."
- Dr. Sergei Tsytsarev Ph.D. (Psychologist)

We are members of:
Bank of America

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Shabbat Time
Shabbat is the seventh day of the Jewish week and a day of rest in Judaism.