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Our Next Service Just for You - iSmart EHR

You TRUST us with the most sensitive part of your business - your money, Trust us with our EHR!

At the peak of EHR technology development in the Healthcare IT industry, CEO of WCH Service Bureau, Aleksandr Romanychev, took the initiative to develop an EHR system that would complement the already established package of services and products that are provided by WCH. In efforts to remain one of the best multi-service provider for doctors, WCH IT department has done an outstanding job in designing and developing an Electronic Health Record that was certified for meaningful use over the past year and is now available available for medical practitioners use. With the certification of our iSmart, Ambulatory Electronic Health Record we have managed to keep the growing need of sophisticated technology in-house to bring another level of service to our company. 

The dedication of WCH staff to its clients has proved itself to be the key secret of our company’s success. Our company always finds new ways to gain our client’s trust by achieving great results, developing new strategies, services and products. The credibility and trust of our work has been imbedded in our company’s culture for years and that’s what our clients’ value most next to our professionalism.  Our current clients have already trusted our company with the most sensitive and vital aspect of the practice, which is the collection of the practice’s revenue. The next step to improving your practice is to get an EHR system from a trusted vendor. WCH Service Bureau is your one stop for all your practice needs. Your practice greatly benefits from our products and services and ease of communication with our staff, and most importantly provides you with full control at anytime of the day. Let WCH Service Bureau service your Electronic health records needs in addition to services you already have with our company.

WCH is a leader in medical billing, credentialing and now EHR technology. In comparison to other local billing companies, not many are using their own certified EHR product. WCH Management and staff understand the need to develop the right technology in order to give our clients even more comfortability and security, therefore WCH took the initiative to develop a fully certified ambulatory EHR and become one of the local service providers that offer in-house advanced EHR technology. Our goal has been reached as we are now part of the Government recognized Health IT industry. We invite you to use our certified iSmart EHR system. Our product can be found on a certified Health IT product list, which provides the authoritative, comprehensive listing of Complete EHRs that have been tested and certified under the ONC HIT Certification Program

To request a free demo and for more information about iSmart EHR system please visit or Contact WCH EHR specialists.



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