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Monday, May 19, 2014

For over 13 years WCH Service Bureau has been working with healthcare practitioners nationwide to help and support healthcare providers navigate through the complex healthcare industry. We are experts in advising and helping our clients achieve outstanding results across the spectrum of healthcare. Our goal is to provide exceptional service to protect our clients, get the appropriate reimbursement levels for our clients and make sure no claims is unjustly unpaid. When issues do arise, WCH staff goes above and beyond to fight for the claims and the rights of our clients. Our personalized approach has made us very successful in dealing with the most complex situations. Over the years we have successfully handled cases of insurance disputes, recoupments, audits and appeals. We were there by our clients’ side fighting for their claims, reimbursement and for their rights. We give our 100% ensure accuracy and fairness if our clients are ever effected.

WCH knows its stuff and that is a fact! On several occasions Just this past year we have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by standing up and protecting our clients in a time of need.

  • WCH’s Oksana Pokoeva CPC, CPMA has helped a long time client avoid refunding close to $300,000 to UnitedHealthcare insurance company by appealing a recoupment request made to our client by UnitedHealthcare for what they claimed was “incorrectly paid claims”. Oksana worked on appealing the recoupment request using UHC policies, clinical protocols and contracting regulations to save a client from refunding $300,000 to insurance company.

  • Our CPC has successfully dispute a patient hospital bill with the hospital. This patient bill dispute resulted in saving thousands of unjustly billed charges.

  • Easy Choice Health Plan of New York (former Atlantis Health Plan Inc.), a Medicare HMO plan, has not been reimbursing medical claims for services provided dating back to 2011 and 2012. The several years of unpaid claims have resulted in a loss of a substantial amount of money for healthcare practitioners in New York. Insurance members as well as participating providers had contacted the plan numerous times attempting to get the claims paid with no success. WCH Service Bureau had found the way to resolve this issue with the payment delays, filing a grievance with NY State Department of Finance. Natalya Leonteva, Billing Department Representative, had successfully appealed the case which resulted in additional payments made to providers for services rendered and not reimbursed since 2011. Several Providers have received payment for all of pending claims for dates of service in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The mass project for all Atlantis claims is currently under review in consumer complaints department.

We have made a difference for several healthcare organizations and practicing healthcare provider groups. We are dedicated to continuing to serve the healthcare community to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

You WCH it and WE CAN HELP.



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