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Important News for Our Clients: We Updated Our Billing Service Agreement, Find Out What Has Changed.

Dear Clients, updates to the WCH Medical Billing agreement have been sent to clients in July 2014. The Medical Billing service contract has been updated with some administrative changes that we believe will improve our services. We at WCH work around the clock to ensure our clients get quality service. We always improve our procedures and policies to better support our operation and expand our services. Existing WCH clients as well as new clients are subject to the updates as outlined in the amended Medical Billing Service agreement contract.

***Please note: THE BILLING RATE FOR SERVICES HAS NOT BEEN CHANGED*** Summary of Changes in WCH Medical Billing agreement:

1. Time frame for payment to WCH for services has been amended from ten days of the date of billing invoice to five days.

  • Section 11: Fee due to WCH shall be promptly paid by the Client within 5 days after being billed for the last billing cycle submitted by WCH to the Client.

Charges on the WCH billing invoice are based on payments that were already made to client or third party for amount received by client. WCH invoice does not include charges for money that has not been received by the client nor does it include any future charges.

2. Flat fee per claim has been amended to $6.79 from $4.01 for capitation and denial of submitted claims resulted from the fault of client mistake.

  • Section 28: An additional charge of $6.79 will be billed for capitated services
  • Section 39:  If the claim in any of the cases mentioned above will be denied due to the fault of client mistake, WCH will charge the client $ 6.79 per claim

The Flat fee charge is compensation for work performed by WCH in relation to creating, submitting and working with claim.

3.  In the event client request to have an insurance payment check reissued, a fee for reissuing a check is $15 per check.  

  • Section 34: Client agrees to pay WCH a $15.00 per check if WCH will reissue lost, undeliverable or request a duplicate copy of the check from the insurance company.

The $15 charge is compensation for work preferred by WCH in relation to submitting the request to have checks reissued. Please review the updated service contract agreement and return a signed signature to WCH at your earliest convenience. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask your dedicated account representative. 


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