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WCH efforts in preparing and implementing th ICD-10

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
   As we reported earlier this summer, WCH was selected by CMS to be interviewed by their contracted market research consultants Alan Newman Research on the ICD-10. Olga Khabinskay provided on in-depth look of how WCH is internally and externally preparing for the migration process to ICD-10. During these complex times of transition, WCH is making efforts to prepare early for the sake of our clients for a smooth, successful transition. We understand that a well-planned and well-managed implementation process is inevitable for the success of the process completion. 
   We present to you parts of our implementation plan for ICD-10 transition:
   1 Market research and analysis: WCH billing department are in constant contact with our clearing houses. We work with specialist in order to get instant updates for ICD-10 transition. All commercial payers will follow CMS transition and they will be compliant for ICD-10 by October 2014. WCH will begin the testing period with all commercial payers who will be ready by the beginning of 2014.
   2 Ongoing education for the coding and anatomy/pathophysiology to all WCH staff conductedon a regular basis by Yuliya Kiseleva MD. Moreover, this education will be repeated in 2014 as well. Upon education completion all WCH employees will have better understanding of anatomy, body systems and disease process WCH employees are being trained to convert Diagnosis codes from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and will follow AMA and CMS guidelines for correct Diagnosis coding. Necessary trainings and ICD-10 updates are regularly implemented to all WCH employees in the billing department.
   3 Perform necessary updates in our electronic claim form, data base of our billing software (PMBOS) and perform all necessary review and upload specific updates for ICD-10 EDI standards if any. Add applications and option for selective billing using ICD-10. After all program installation and updates will be made, WCH service Bureau will be ready to submit as ICD-9 as ICD-10 claims.
   4 Convert each individual WCH clients SB form ICD-9 to ICD-10. Due to the fact that number of ICD-10 diagnoses will be increased by 5 times in comparison with ICD-9, we strongly recommend to our clients to use our Electronic superbill. The ICD-10 definition of each diagnosis code will be more expanded and will cause problem for the providers who are still using paper superbills. Each of our providers will get updated superbill with converted diagnosis codes and will be contacted by assigned account representative for further discussion and transition process consulting.


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