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Ilana Kozak was appointed General Manager

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We are very pleased to announce the promotion of Ilana Kozak to General Manager of WCH. Ilana joined WCH as an account representative in 2006, since then she had multiple roles in the company in the billing department. Her performance has been outstanding over the years; she gained massive knowledge of the industry which was attributed to her work. She has always demonstrated excellent customer service and preformed her job in a professional way.

As an active voice in the company, Ilana has influenced the company's position over the years, her input and hard work has brought many benefits to WCH. Ilana's dedication became essential to the company's success in moving forward and growing.

In this new position as a General Manager Ilana will now be responsible for managing the company's many divisions which include medical billing, coding and auditing provider credentialing and software development.

Ilana will ensure continued high quality of service, professionalism and consistent development in the industry.  In addition she will focus on designing personalized solutions for WCH clients as well as develop internal policies and customary procedures which will enhance costumer experience in company and be responsible for the smoothness of current day to day operations. With the support of WCH management team, Ilana promises to incorporate her knowledge and experience in the industry to attribute to the growth and development of the company.

Ilana brings with her to this position a wealth of knowledge of the industry supported by her business degree from Baruch College.

We are extremely excited about her new role.  Let us all congratulate Ilana on her promotion and wish her continued success at our company.

Ilana Kozak

General Manager

(718) 934-6714 ext. 1214


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