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Everything you need to know about Medical Practice Analysis using iSmart EHR

Ever wondered how to conduct the most precise andeasy-to-understand analysis for your practice? What if we could offer you atool, which does this procedure automatically? Living in the age of artificialintelligence and busy people, you probably do not want to waste your timeskimming through a whole ...

LIVE WEBINAR: Practice Reopening: The Crucial First Steps

Back By Popular Demand -Webinar Practice Reopening: The Crucial First StepsYou must be ready for practice reopening a few weeks before the government announcementafter COVID-19 pandemic. You must comply with governmental guidance.Olga Khabinskay, COO will provide steps and recommendations to have yo...

iSmart Patient Invoicing And Received Checks Monitoring

iSmart Patient Invoicing And ReceivedChecks MonitoringHow To Use The New FeaturesThe new features that we have implemented are incrediblyeasy to use and very important for the overall workflow of amedical office. These new features are designed to simplifythe lives of our clients and increase income...

Franchise - Your Way to Success with WCH Service Bureau®

In recent years, the medical community has grown increasingly alarmed over the problems of burnout. Doctors have become overloaded with piles of business processes and especially with so many healthcare regulations that seem to be rolling out another layer. As a result, doctors become overstressed, ...

WCH Wins a Case Regarding Modifiers; Client Gets Full Payment

WCH Wins a CaseRegarding Modifiers;Client Gets Full PaymentLast March 1, 2019, FidelisCare of New York updated its system without notifying providers. As a result, a lot of Mental Health providers noticed drastic changes in payments. To be specific, payments were reduced.WCH immediately contacted a ...

New Feature Monitor Your Claims Performance Now with iSmart EHR’s New Dashboard

iSmart EHR has strived to enhance its performance with every update. Now, we have optimized the system even more to provide better service to our clients.We are rolling out an operational dashboard that now allows users to get a comprehensive snapshot of their claims’ performance. You can see your t...

New iSmart EHR Updates

New iSmart EHR updatesare released on March 03,2020. Check out last Updates and upcoming featuresRelease Notes

New iSmart EHR Updates

New iSmart EHR updatesare released on February 10,2020. Check out last Updates and upcoming featuresRelease Notes

New iSmart EHR Updates

New iSmart EHR updatesare released on January 27,2020. Check out last Updates and upcoming featuresRelease Notes

New iSmart EHR Updates

iSmart's EHR updates are released over a two week period. See updated issuesand bugs were fixed this time.Release Notes

Office closure notice: Winter break

Dear Friends,Our office will close on December 31, 2019 and January 1, 2020.We will reopen on January 2, 2020.We wish you the best for this holiday season and look to serving you in the new year!

New iSmart EHR Updates

If you are iSmart EHR user, then it will be really useful and interesting for you to find out what new features, resolved issues, bugs fixed were released on December 16, 2019 updates. Please clickhereto check out latest Release Notes and see what is coming next for your practice.

New iSmart EHR Updates

WCH's EHR updates are released over a two week period - see what's coming next for your practice.Updated FeaturesPatient BillingWhen creating Patient Billing on the Ledger Template's Notes you will be able to see on which of the Patient Responsibilities your Invoice will be createdPR1 - DeductiblePR...

New feature for iSmart EHR users - Dashboard

The main purpose of an operational dashboardthat was added to iSmart EHR is to provide a comprehensive snapshot of performance, which will show to user Total claims created (primary by DOS) and Total paid (including payment from Secondary) by DOS, without using too many filters.This Dashboard includ...

Rcopia4 New Release Notes

We would like to share our newest Rcopia4 release notes: Version4.27This release includes action icon changes and several bug fixes.You can find more details as well as system requirements in the Release document.Please note our deployment schedule:• Release to Staging: September ...
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