Our tips for front desk operations

  • Identify whether or the patient is new, existing or a referral
  • Identify the specific reason for the patient visit
  • Record the patient’s full name as it is spelled on his/her insurance card
  • Verify whether there has been any change in the patient’s health insurance information (For a return or established patient)
  • Request any missing or incorrect patient information previously received
  • Make a copy of the patient’s health insurance card and one picture ID
  • Collect the patient’s contact information and his/her preferred place of contact
  • Review the practice’s payment policy with the patient
  • Indicate what types of payment forms are accepted by the practice
  • Collect or remind the patient of any outstanding balance
  • Request that the patient complete the history form (new patients and update every 6 months to a year)
  • Identify any additional practice policies (i.e., prescription refills, no-shows, etc.)
  • Explain and distribute the practice’s payment and privacy policies
  • Explain and receive a signed acknowledgement from the patient that should include the practice’s policies on patient billing, primary and secondary payer processing and patient payment expectations.
  • Obtain the signed notice of privacy practices (required under HIPAA)
  • Explain when and how test results will be communicated back to the patient and receive a signed waiver that acknowledges if the patient gives permission for leaving test results on an answering machine or in a voice mail
  • Explain and collect the patient’s co-payment
  • and/or deductible.
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