GET YOUR EHR Incentive Payment



Medicaid eligible providers, Earn up to $63,750 in total incentive payments.

Medicare eligible providers, get up to $24,000 in total incentive payments.


Beware! CMS Penalties will apply in 2015 for not adapting, implementing or upgrading to a certified EHR technology.


Get the incentive payment while you still can to avoid a reduction in Medicare payments.

iSmart EHR is a cost leader in the industry!

Save money and get iSmart EHR today to be eligible for incentive payments!

WCH will work with you to get the incentive payment!

WCH will:

  • Provide access to a certified EHR system
  • Provide information on the EHR incentive program
  • Provide necessary documents for attestation
  • Assist in attestation and registration process
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