New Feature Monitor Your Claims Performance Now with iSmart EHR’s New Dashboard


iSmart EHR has strived to enhance its performance with every update. Now, we have optimized the system even more to provide better service to our clients.  

We are rolling out an operational dashboard that now allows users to get a comprehensive snapshot of their claims’ performance. You can see your total claims created and total claims paid in comparison to the previous year. You won’t need to use so many filters to gather essential data anymore, as our dashboard is slated to provide these details easily.

This dashboard includes two graphics that show the number of billed claims versus paid claims for the last 6 months. Users will be able to compare the results with the current year and the previous year. The account representatives’ contact details are also displayed on the dashboard, together with other vital notifications like holidays and news that we want to give you an update on.

With the new dashboard update, you’ll definitely have an easier time navigating through the iSmart EHR’s interface. Stay tuned for more software and interface updates!

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