Get Thousands of Incentive Payments with iSmart EHR



Government incentive payments are available during the beginning stages of implementation to EHR systems nationwide.

With the creation and certification of, WCH now offers help in getting government incentive payments for eligible providers!!! If you are a Medicaid eligible provider, do not miss the opportunity to receive for the first year using the certified system. Earn up to in total incentive payments. If you are a Medicare eligible provider, don't miss the opportunity to receive for the first year. Get up to in total incentive payments

The last year to begin participation in the Medicare EHR Incentive Program is 2014. Get the incentive payment while you still can to avoid a reduction in Medicare payments.

is a cost leader in the industry! Save money and get today to be eligible for incentive payments! WCH will work with you to get the incentive payment!





Beware! CMS Penalties will apply in 2015 for not adapting, implementing or upgrading to a certified EHR technology.

WCH will:

Provide access to a certified EHR system

Provide information on the EHR incentive program

Provide necessary documents for attestation

Assist in attestation and registration process

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