New feature for iSmart EHR users - Patient Invoice

This new feature is designed to allow users to have better abilities to create and send Invoice for patients and insert their payments to Patient Ledger. This function will help you to organize  these claims fee. There are lot of filters for searching, which is making easier for user to find the claims that they need to create an Invoice for. EHR users also have the option to select multiply different claims for the same patient at once in order to automatically create Patient Bills for these claims. It will help you to save your time and monitoring all Patients Bills on the one page. You may see a number of different color signs on the new system. Red means that payment for the check was inserted incorrectly. Green means that Patient Bill was paid in full. Yellow means that payment for this Invoice was partially inserted. To learn how to use the new feature  - Patient Billing, sign up for our free webinar on October 31, 2019, by following this link Register for Webinar
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