WCH Educates Graduating Residents


Olga Khabinskay has been invited to speak by New York Hospitals to June graduates on the topic "Credentialing for the new graduates". With over 12 years of experience in credentialing, billing and office start up, Olga provides insight into business side of medicine. Most recently she spoke at Sunny Downstate and Beth Israel Hospital to last year residents of several departments.

In upcoming months, WCH is planning to extend the invitation for seminars to doctors in our office. Stay tunned for upcoming dates! Feel free to contact WCH with any credentialing questions. We are here to help you always!

WCH it!

If you feel that a seminar will be beneficial for the hospital where you work or any  group or practice that might need consultations, please contact Olga Khabinskay at 718-934-67-14 ext 1201 or via email: olgak@wchsb.com to schedule and arrange an educational seminar.

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