Improving Patient Flow and Growing Health Care Capability with Mind Booster Art


In health care settings, fear of uncertainty, preoccupation, and anticipation of unpleasant sensations create a communication barrier between healthcare providers and the recipients of services.

Mind Booster Art serves as a form of strategic, non-verbal communication that alleviates patients' emotional distress, enhances their confidence and facilitates compliance.

To find out more about how Mind Booster Art can improve your patient flow, read along.


Time is an essential commodity for a health care provider. In today's society, there are plenty of constraints that deplete the quality of time spent with patients. Budgeting the time efficiently will ensure compliance with regulations and enhance the quality of care. Even though schedules in medical offices have grown tighter, doctors spend around half of their time comforting and reassuring their patients. This results in bottlenecking, inefficiency, and frustration on the providers' side and long waiting time on the recipients' side.

In health care settings, fear of uncertainty, preoccupation, and anticipation of unpleasant sensations create a communication barrier between the health care providers and the recipients of services. Some patients tend to bombard their doctors with a multitude of questions, while others clamp up and shut down open communication channels. These issues drastically increase the amount of time that is wasted and result in a lack of understanding between the health care providers and the recipients of care. Because of this ineptitude in the communication process, the doctors may lose their inherent talent for creative solutions to problems, while the patients may become resistant and non-compliant with the plan of care.

This vicious cycle can be broken down! We have a solution for you! Science and feedback demonstrate that transforming the health care environment into a more welcoming, mind friendly, and warmer habitat will upsurge positive feelings, open communication, and workflow. Given the magnitude of positive responses that resulted from immersing in the Mind Booster milieu, allow us to share valuable insights into the Mind Booster Art along with the feedback of those health care administrators that successfully incorporated the Mind Booster Art imagery in their medical facilities. Many of them reported that the pleasant atmosphere attributed to Mind Booster Art elicited positive responses from the health care recipients and allowed the doctors to maximize the time spent on direct patient care.

Mind Booster Art was invented to enhance positive human experiences in a multitude of environments by stimulating the brain's pleasure pathways, and specifically to the health care setting, it will make you and your patients feel better. Based on a proven scientific premise, Mind Booster Art demonstrates that stimulating the senses and eliciting positive viewer response ensures good communication, a positive outlook, a sense of satisfaction, and mutual understanding. Shapes symbolize certain concepts and organize information via abstract perception and connectivity. These outbursts of mental imagery let go of the traditional thinking patterns and lead to an explosion of energy and dynamics.

Using carefully selected combinations of shapes, forms, colors, textures, dynamics, patterns, and visual effects, the Mind Booster images improve self-image and evoke positive emotional responses. This artwork not only enlivens any medical facility and redefines its style but also energizes both health care providers and patients, improves communication, and promotes the attitude of gratitude along with a sense of warmth and pleasure. Mind booster images help both health care providers and patients flex their minds and improve their perception. During this challenging time, reconfiguring office space to comply with social distancing guidelines and minimize patient-to-patient contact makes many people feel especially confused, excluded, and isolated. During COVID-19, Mind Booster Art helped medical institutions create employee recharge rooms that make people feel more included, welcomed, and cared for. This art helped health care administrators to build a stronger doctor-patient relationship and patient cooperation.

Environmental comfort and support is an important provision in medical and dental facilities. High-quality health care begins with creating a space where your patients feel like they are welcomed and comforted. It also includes the positive energy, attitude, and mood of the medical personnel. Mind Booster Art serves as a form of strategic, non-verbal communication that has the primary goal of alleviating viewers' emotional distress, enhancing their confidence, and facilitating compliance. After incorporating Mind Booster Art into dozens of health care centers, hospitals, and medical facilities, the medical and dental professionals have reported that they experienced a more welcoming, less stressful environment and an improved patient flow. Additionally, they emphasized the positive influence of this artwork on their employees. Myriads of medical professionals reported better mood, improved patient retention, effective communication, a sense of comfort and satisfaction, and a more positive attitude.

Dr. Y. Perper reported that in his offices, Mind Booster Art comforted and supported both his employees and his patients while decreasing anxiety and improving overall attitude. Similarly, Dr. Y. Ivanov from Astoria Pain Management in New York emphasized that Mind Booster Art immersed his patients in an alternate reality forum that distracted them from constant worrying and allowed them to focus on creative healing. Dr. G. Gelb, DDS has highlighted that typically, most of the patients were afraid of dental procedures, but since Mind Booster Art was implemented in his practice, he began to notice that patients are much calmer. Instead of demanding long comforting communication to reduce their emotional anguish, they were discovering amusing combinations of colors and shapes of the imagery on the wall. They listened to their doctor more attentively and demonstrated less distress. Mind Booster Art allowed doctors to serve more patients with less tension.

Overall, most doctors that participated in our study confirmed that, in the rooms with Mind Booster Art installations, they were able to serve daily 1.4 times more patients compared to the rooms where this valuable resource was not utilized. Additionally, our study demonstrated that when comparing the attitude of patients in the waiting rooms with the Mind Booster installations as opposed to those without, the patients complained less during waiting hours in the former than in the latter. Furthermore, the medical personnel reported more energy, mood elevation, and better performance in the offices with Mind Booster Art installations compared to the offices without them. Based on the outpouring of positive responses by the health care providers, it is clear that Mind Booster Art is an effective, comforting, and motivational tool that provides visual and sensory support in medical and dental settings. Mind Booster Art improves health care experiences, followed by favorable responses from both health care employees and patients.

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