Important News for WCH Clients!


Important News for WCH Clients!

Dear Providers and Office Managers,

WCH is always dedicated to improve the quality of our performance. We are focused on enforcing and continuing strong education, our staff consists of certified professional coders, auditors and other certified specialists. As we announced previously, we have the first certified biller by AAPC in Brooklyn and only 8th in the whole state of New York. 

Every six month, we perform evaluation of our employees to determine their professional level. Those employees who do not show growth in their knowledge and good performance are dismissed from our company. In order to better serve your practice and further improve the performance of our staff we are restructuring the work process in the billing and credentialing departments. As you know there were at least 4 to 5 people were responsible for your account including billers, account representatives supervisors, and IT personal, but only one account representative was assigned as the main person and communicator between our office and your practice. We saw that current system slows down the communication process and as a result money flow and reimbursement.

Starting March 1st two account representative’s equally knowing all of the details of your account and other personal will be fully responsible for the account communication, reporting, updates, collection, and other help that you might need.  Supervisors and management are still available and are willing to help with all of your concerns and questions. Your practice might see change of your account representative which will not affect your reimbursement level negatively.  We predict that it will increase your reimbursement level, ease communication between our offices, and generally be mutually beneficial.  Names of newly assigned account representatives, billers, supervisor and other personal responsible for your account will be provided to you accordingly.

We would like to ask you to allow time to become comfortable with your new account representatives and be confident in their performance. This transition will not take a long time and we want to repeat that WCH is always your trusted partner.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at any time.



Olga Khabinskay,


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