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bbb Department of Banking


real time eligibility

ccidentamc - health futureamc - poly americaamc - touchstone psoamerican community mutualamerican family insurance group - medicare supplementalamerihealth administratorsamerihealth mercy health plana...

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medical billing faq

ccident or to a natural disaster (e.g., fire, flood). replacement due to wear-and-tear as the result of everyday use will be denied as statutorily non-covered prior to the expiration of the 5-year rul...

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end user license agreement

ccident, fraudulent means or devices, or any other means by any authorized user, or any other person, entity, third party or other. licensed user is solely responsible for validating the accuracy of a...

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tips for successful medical billing

cci (national correct coding initiative) procedure to procedure edits and medically unlikely edits (mues). it is important to identify bundled cpt codes when services are rendered by same provider on ...

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medicare adds modifiers 24, 57 to correct coding initiative bypass list

cci) modifiers could open new revenue opportunities with private payers that follow medicare’s cci edits. two global period modifiers – 24 (unrelated e/m service by the same physician during the post-...

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medicare updates hep b admin code guidance

ccine for the administration of hepatitis b vaccine, rather than cpt® 90471 immunization administration (includes percutaneous, intradermal, subcutaneous, or intramuscular injections); 1 vaccine (sing...

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The Secret behind Your Practice High Reimbursement   Here at WCH, OUR GREATEST ASSET is that we p...

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Important Info

  Attention Managed Care Network Providers! New York State now requires all Healthcare providers t...

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Summer 2016 Bulletin

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