What is Coolsite4Me?

Coolsite4Me.com - is a training and education web portal that helps automate the process of learning while making it more exciting and entertaining. The Portal has been developed in a four year period by a team of more than thirty highly qualified specialists, including psychiatrists, psychologists, designers, school teachers, 3D designers, etc.

The future of the educational methods lay in our program. CoolSite4Me uses a wide range of processing material with the assistance of modern technology and advanced features. This innovative educational program brings teachers, parents and students' activities together, by allowing them to work and communicate through the use of Coolsite4me's tools. A student’s education should not stop at school, but should also be brought home and should involve their parents.

The Internet Network does not offer any other portals that focus on all the major aspects and problems of the educational process. Unlike most of the existing web-sites on the Internet, our portal has more extended functionalities and can be characterized as a training educational project. Most of the existing web-sites on the Internet are either too informational or with a limited target, not as diversified as CoolSite4me!

CoolSite4me offers higher standard functionality features and meets the needs of all users. By combining all components, we are dramatically extending opportunities for creating lectures, testing, storing of documentation, teaching and uploading educational videos, as well as training in the form of a game with the help of specially designed educational gaming functions.

CoolSite4me combines all the necessary aspects of the educational process by being interactive and effective. It also presents educational materials in an interesting form of visual presentation and it gives ability for parents to be fully involved as well as control their child's educational process. CoolSite4me presents educational material in various ways including educational games, interactive 3D videos, electronic journals, tests, options to create and save educational materials, and much more. Make this project a leading tool for any school educational system.

of the System:
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