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Practitioners that are using EMR/EHR systems are well aware that inputting diagnostic and procedure codes as well as treatment notes “the new way” is taking more time than “the old way”.

Are you a provider that is spending more time entering data during a visit, leaving you less time during office hours to see patients and taking time out of your personal life? Whether or not you have a digital records system, time is too valuable to be spending for entering data.

WE CAN HELP. With you in mind, WCH has developed a new service, ICode, enabling you to spend less time entering data during or right after an exam, leaving more time to see patients during working hours and spend your leisure time as you wish. At the same time, it will ensure correct procedure and diagnostic coding and accurate treatment notes that are compliant with industry regulations on documenting medical records.

Doctors still want to take notes, but they also need to function in a practice that is or will soon be electronically based.

How ICode works:

WCH has developed a series of practice-specific templates that the doctor can more quickly complete, in minutes and let WCH do the rest at far less cost than doctor's time.

The provider fills in the templates that are usually used in practice during the visits, submits it by email to WCH for processing and then the provider just simply reviews and approves or adjusts the information at a more convenient time, after WCH has checked it to ensure it complies with the heavy regulations on proper medical documentation.

WCH's professional staff of medical doctors, nurses, certified professional coders and certified professional medical auditors will process the templates that doctors sent to create a medical record in a form of an electronic progress note based on the filled out template from the visit.

Benefits of using ICode services:

  • Saves an enormous amount of time freeing up healthcare providers to make better use of their time
  • Reduces the risks associated with improper medical documentation
  • Ensures that the work will get done and not lost in the process
  • Provides professionals work force to write documentation
  • Brings more income to the practice as a result of saved time to see more patients

ICode can be used by a small office that hasn't yet upgraded their system, or within a larger practice that wants to maximize their provider's efficiency and comply with medical record requirements and EHR practice requirements.

For more information, call Ilana Kozak, Services Specialist, tel: (718) 934-6714 ext. 1214.

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